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David Young • Books

Divine Inner Guidance
David Young's first book. Includes free music downloads.

Why is it that sometimes we just know things? Sometimes we do it right without really trying. It just seems like we can do no wrong. We are divinely guided, and there is a oneness to life. This is because we are listening to something that is guiding us for our own benefit. When we don't listen, it's a far different story.

David Young shares 28 stories in this book to help you realize the amazing gifts that come to us when we are listening to our Divine Inner Guidance - and the horrendous comedy that happens when we don't.

He includes stories of how musicians like Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Matt Abst (Gov't Mule), Ricky Peterson (David Sanborn), Jeff Ross (Badfinger), Kenny Gradney (Little Feat), Artie Mogul, Robert Plant, Billy Dean, Noah Levy (The BoDeans), and many he has worked with over the years have helped him to listen better.

Life can be a challenge, no doubt, but as you learn how to keep tuned in, it becomes a much nicer, smoother ride.

"This book can be your key to opening the door to your deepest dreams and heart's desires. Listen to them. Trust them."
- Edie Weinstein, journalist, motivational speaker, and author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary

"An amazing talent and world view. That came through loud and clear..."
- Barbara McNichol, Author of Word Trippers


Divine Inner Guidance (Download)
Divine Inner Guidance is now available as a electronic PDF download.

Download $14.99

Channeling Harrison Book One
In 2010, beyond any apparent reason, George Harrison began appearing in David’s life. At first, these unusual experiences occurred about every two months, even though David knew little of channeling experiences, was far from being a Beatles fan, and quite afraid of ghosts.

Over 100 real life miracles have occurred, many included in Channeling Harrison Book One. This fascinating book is being released in March by the publisher of the widely read book, Conversations With God. Now, Channeling Harrison offers you a new way to think about life after death.

Also available as a downloadable eBook for Nook and Kindle.


Channeling Harrison
Two CD companion to "Channeling Harrison Book One". Listening to these CDs is a way of reliving the book through the songs, like listening to the songs of a musical like ONCE or Godspell brings back the images of the story through the songs. These appear in order on the CDs as they appear in the story.


CD/DVD $26.95
Download $14.99

MP3 Singles -- 99¢ each
TrackTitleAdd To Cart
1This Change is Gonna Do Me Good
2Better Days
3One Look
4Come Home With Me
5Whatever Road You Choose
6Yesterdays Gone
8The Key To Your Heart
10Still I Wait
11I'm Still Missing You
12One Woman Man
13Gotta Get Close To You
14I've Given Up
15I Can't Save u From u
17No Direction Calling me Home
18Restless Heart
19If I Could Change The World

Channeling Harrison Book One + CD or MP3s
Channeling Harrison Book One along with the companion two CD set. Special Limited Time Offer: Buy both and save $14 compared to buying them individually. Available on CDs or downloadable MP3s.

CD/DVD $29.95
Download $17.95

My Experiences With Lennon and Harrison

Five CD Audio Book

In the past year, since both George and John drew upon the world-renowned medium, Robert Murray to contact David Young (whose direct spiritual experiences with George had already begun three years earlier, as explained in the audio sample), they never repeated themselves about anything.

“In August 2014,” says David, “they began prodding me every day for a month through Robert to get working on this audio book. Once I started, we discussed the progress every night. They always said I could stop this experience whenever I wanted to.”

George and John recommended that Young replicate the color and design from his paperback book Channeling Harrison: Book One here again with this new audio book, My Experiences with Lennon and Harrison: Book Two. The first CD gives an overview of David’s Book One and explains how David’s incredible journey with all of this started on 10/10/10. They made it known through Robert that they wanted the drawing that the artist Macca did of each of them be placed under David in the pyramid on the front cover but brought further a bit more to convey clearly that they are leading the way for him.

The audio book is kind of like going to one of David Young’s live events. “It’s actually better,” notes Young, “because I would not be able to play my flutes on all of the background music while I tell each of my stories.” In a conversation David had with Robert, John said that George took the job of choosing the soundtrack music from David’s fifty-five CDs. “It was bizarre how perfectly each instrumental song fit and brought the stories to life,” notes Young. “For one of them, the narration was like five minutes, twenty-eight seconds long. And the song George picked, which I followed intuitively from our connection, was exactly 5:28. We didn't even need to put a fade-out on that one,” David says. “It was magical, and the engineers could hardly believe it.”

After two months of solid work, when he felt it was finished, David called Robert Murray in Canada to share the good news while driving home from Cambridge Sound Studios. “That was when John started to tell me,” recalls David, “There's something not right at the end of Disc One, and the beginning of Disc Two. It needs a fade-out.” David was so exhausted that he told John that he would talk with them about it the following day.

“The next morning,” Young continues, “I woke up thinking about it, and nothing made sense at first. Each disc holds about 80 minutes. Disc One ends with me telling the story of my big meditation experience in Hawaii, and finding out that John was George’s partner in all this over the previous three years.” (This was confirmed by two professional mediums without giving them clues about John within the following two weeks.) The song, “Loving Acceptance,” immediately followed a story on the download -- but on the actual physical CD, there were about 60 seconds of empty space on the track. “Somehow, they knew there was blank space there,” marvels Young, “and wanted the first minute of the verse and chorus of ‘Loving Acceptance’ right after the story—and then a fade-out!”

As he was editing together certain parts of a story that George and John called “The Wild Ride” in the studio, David went to the other room to use the bathroom. Rolling Stone magazine was opened up to a page that had George's picture on it with the words, "Young's Wild Ride" across the top. “It was an interview with a writer from the ’70s,” recalls David, “whose last name was Young. I asked each of the three engineers if they had left that there for me to see but each said, ‘Not me.’ None of them even remembered seeing the article.”

To all who read these words and go on to listen to his stories, David Young says, “I hope you enjoy this incredible journey. I never saw any of this coming...”

Audio Book - Available as 5 CD Set or MP3 download.

CD/DVD $36.99
Download $27.99