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Frequently Asked Questions about MP3 Downloads

What is an MP3 file?
MP3 is the industry-standard format for digitally storing music and other audio. The MP3 format was designed specifically for music. It features a compression algorithm that shrinks the file size with virtually no audible change to the music. More on the MP3 format.
How do I download an MP3?
The process varies a little bit depending on what kind of computer and which web browser you are using, but in general just click on the link, if requested enter your email address for both your username and password, and click that you want to save the file to your computer.
How big is the total download?
Most of our full album MP3 downloads are approximately 50 MB.
Can I download over a dial-up connection?
We highly recommend that you don't try. A typical CD would take several days to download over a dial-up connection, and it's unlikely you could even maintain an uninterrupted connection that long.
What is a ZIP file? How do I open a ZIP file?
ZIP files are an industry-standard method of compressing files for quicker transfer. As MP3 files are already compressed, zipping them usually doesn't shrink them any further. However, we use ZIP files as a "wrapper" around our MP3 and PDF files so that you can conveniently download a single file, then open it access the individual files.

Most modern computer operating systems can access the files within a ZIP file without additional software. If you do need a program to open a ZIP file, we suggest WinZip or PkZip.
What is a PDF file? How do I open a PDF file?
PDF is a file format used by Adobe Acrobat for digital documents. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.
How do I transfer MP3 files from my computer to my iPod or similiar device?
Sorry, every computer and audo device is different, so we can't help you much here. In general, with iPods you can use the iTunes software. With other devices, you can attach the device to the USB port on your computer and treat it as another hard dive to copy files to it. We strongly suggest that that you make sure you're familiar with the process before you purchase an MP3 download.
How do I listen to the music on my computer?
Again, this depends totally on the set up of your computer and what software is installed. We strongly suggest that that you make sure you're familiar with the process before you purchase an MP3 download.
Are the MP3 files copy protected? Do you use DRM (Digital Rights Management)?
Our MP3 files are not copy protected. We do not use any form of DRM. We trust you. You can copy your MP3 files to any digitial device you own.
Can I give copies of the MP3 files to someone else?
No, they need to purchase their own copies. The MP3 files you purchase are copyrighted, and may only be used on digital devices you own.
What is your return policy?
For obvious reasons we can not accept returns to downloaded purchases. If you're not sure about your purchase, please consider ordering a CD instead. Please see our Return Policy for more information.